About Me

Hi I’m Stephanie, if you're ready for a journey of self discovery and healing you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve spent nearly 20yrs studying and experiencing for myself many aspects of Healing and Conscious development.

I started out treating clients with Kinesiology and Reiki. What I discovered was that people were opening up to me about their deepest traumas and I was feeling energetic processes around them beyond my understanding.

Around this time I began my own personal Consciousness development with one of the foremost Energy Healers and Consciousness teachers in the UK, a journey that’s lasted around 20yrs and still continues today.

I studied for a further 2yrs for a professional diploma in advanced healing techniques and counselling skills. I found that working in the auric field and chakra system could support clients through some major clearing and changes.

Then as it does, A life lesson pulled the rug on my reality and changed everything.

I spent 6yrs running a ‘normal’ small business while I worked through my own healing and recovery from a Conscious viewpoint. Piece by piece I worked to pull back the victim projections to see and live in another perspective.

In 2008 I decided I was ready to begin seeing clients again, I started with some healing clients, but again found people sharing their deepest fears, issues and experiences with me.

I then decided I wanted to understand more about grief so I trained with the Cruse Charity and volunteered as a bereavement worker for 3yrs.

I started running small group workshops, and by then I knew I only wanted to work with people from a Conscious perspective. I’d read Radical Forgiveness a few years before, then it came into my life again……I absolutely had to meet this man, ‘Colin Tipping’.

I am currently one of a few Certified Radical Living Coaches and Satori games masters in the UK.

Stephanie Pharo-Hanson

07799 540088


Satori Gaming Sessions

A great way to introduce yourself and friends to the Radical Forgiveness process.

A game like no other. A game that plays You!

The Satori Gaming sessions are unique and enlightening, like nothing I have ever come across. With Stephanie's skill in hosting and guiding you through the game you are able to clear up, grow, laugh and cry. Highly recommended, can't wait for our next Session. T.M

About Radical Forgiveness and Radical Living 

Radical Forgiveness or Radical Living operates on a different level of awareness than you might be used to. It's not a mental process but a very practical Spiritual one. It's practical in that it's easy to use and rather than solving problems it dissolves them.

This is an experiential approach that differs from talking therapy. 

How does it Work?

If you can be open to the possibility that there may have been a reason for whatever has happened to you? If you can do that then you open yourself to the concept that you are a Soul living in a human body who has come here to grow through a 'chosen' set of experiences.

These experiences, over time, manifest as patterns that play out in our lives. Every time we have strong emotions around an unresolved event, that emotion and any others connected to it, pile up. They then attract more of that 'pattern' or 'feeling' into our lives. Strong feelings toward an event or person are a signal that we have something to heal and clear. These patterns and experiences keep us disconnected from the truth of who we really are and what we really want in our lives. 

If we get real about how we feel we create movement and flow. To transform the victim viewpoint and raise our awareness we must experience it fully and accept how we feel in order to move on. When we do this it creates room in our energy field, our hearts, our minds and our lives for something new.

Radical Living connects us to our Spiritual Intelligence. People have found that working with these very practical tools and concepts they have developed a completely new optimistic perspective on life. One where they feel empowered to create and choose their own reality today and in their future.

Some of the main wounds we all have in common are;

  • Abandonment 
  • Rejection 
  • Abuse 
  • Denial 
  • Betrayal

When we deal with these through a Radical Living perspective we free ourselves and others from the pain, blame game.

Common problems typically dissolved by Radical Forgiveness;

  • Relationship challenges past and present
  • Anger towards others
  • Toxic beliefs from old wounds and hurts
  • Co-dependance
  • Issues in the workplace
  • Poverty Consciousness
  • Radical Forgiveness has supported many people with cancer.

Expected Results

  • Relief from emotional pain
  • Less anger and frustration, more peace 
  • Improved relationships and health
  • Helps you gain mastery over your life
  • A different more surrendered approach to life

Radical Forgiveness and Radical Living aren't just for clearing up the past they are a very real and practical approach to Life!