If you are ready to become the person in this life you are meant to be then grab this with two hands and settle down for the ride. At times it maybe hard and you may not always understand, but you will be growing so much more than you can possibly imagine and Stephanie will be there the whole time supporting you. K.S
Since meeting Stephanie I can honestly say the work she does has turned my life and me as a person around. The growth I have experienced is truly amazing; I have learnt so much from this lady not only about myself but also about life. Stephanie is someone I value having in my life. The work is at times painful, and learning to accept responsibility can at times be very challenging. Stephanie has always been there through every little step supporting and guiding me on my way. I can see how far I have come yet know I have much still to learn, I feel confident in my future growth thanks to the dedication of this very talented lady. K

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, can't think of anyway it could be improved. L

Wonderful Journey! M

Thank you Stephanie, What a revelation. P

Interesting and exciting. J

Satori Gaming Sessions

A great way to introduce yourself and friends to the Radical Forgiveness process.

A game like no other. A game that plays You!

The Satori Gaming sessions are unique and enlightening, like nothing I have ever come across. With Stephanie's skill in hosting and guiding you through the game you are able to clear up, grow, laugh and cry. Highly recommended, can't wait for our next Session. T.M

The Satori Game has been a huge help in highlighting past issues that I didn't recognise we're there, things I didn't realise we're affecting my life. It mean't I could work on eradicating them from my life in this present time. M.M